Group sessions

Gym step
The main tool of Gym step trainings is a step pad that can help you achieve your target, invigorate your circulation system and mobilize your muscles by practicing a series of basic steps that are easy to follow. The motivating music, the company and the support of the coach helps you overcome the first difficulties. Training can be diversified with hand weights, ankle weights, elastic bands and the favourite of our guests, the giant Swiss ball. You can join the groups of Judit Agócs on Thursdays from 5:30 PM.

Yoga is a path to self-discovery that helps you understand better your deeper self. You can embark on the path by strengthening your body, relieving stress and relaxing. For yoga you do not need to be flexible, as rigid muscles gradually relax and become more and more supple. We recommend you to do all exercises until they are comfortable to you, and only to the point that makes you feel good. You can gradually increase intensity, session by session.

Exercises of yoga improve posture, they strengthen your back and your muscles, develop endurance, massage your organs, balance your blood circulation and your endocrine system. Yoga teaches you how to clear your mind if you have overstressed yourself or how to be more energetic or more active if you are short of energy. If it caught your interest, you can join the yoga group of Eszter Molnár each Monday night from 7:30 PM.

The goal of the training is to perform the exercises effectively and efficiently by reaching the appropriate range of motion. With the combination of strengthening and dynamically stretching elements, supplemented with the TRX device, we can increase sports performance in a healthy way. The training is a 60-minute, musical, group class, which can be easily followed by anyone at their own pace. On Wednesdays, Judit Holló welcomes interested fellows from 18.00.

Itsy-bitsy exercises
The Itsy-bitsy neuromotor development training is a joyful class involving singing and nursery rhymes where 1 to 3 years old children can get to know neuromotor development tools and forms of movement that are out of the ordinary. Nanny Ildikó Nagy Ferencné is eager to spend some time with the youngest generation every Thursday morning from 10:00 AM.

Strength and endurance training for 8 to 12 years old boys. Training classes are focused on having a great experience, a feeling of accomplishment and learning movement patterns correctly. The main target and the structure of the training is to make children like physical exercise without any kind of pressure to comply or the competitive environment of sports clubs. The playful trainings are comprised of floor exercises, gymnastic elements and exercises with balls. They can prepare children to body weight exercises and exercises with hand weights and other tools. The boys can join Péter Csomor on Tuesday from 5:00 PM.

Exercises for the retired
The Exercises for the retired group celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2022. Certain retired members of the group are with us since the very first class and come to have some exercise with an undiminished commitment. The class is 45 minutes long, and as participants use several different tools during that time, they can move all their body parts. They use Swiss balls, elastic bands, balls and gym mats. The class allows for doing exercises while standing, sitting and lying down as well.

This is important to know for prospective participants because in the age group concerned, there are certain people for whom it can be difficult to lie down on a mat or to get up afterwards. Music is played during the whole class, in line with the actual exercises being practiced. Classes are spent in a good mood, exercises are not demanding, and they are always focused on preserving the well-being of the participants. The team is enthousiastic, hardworking and well established, and they always welcome newcomers with a helpful and caring attitude as does Magdolna Győzőné Kaszab, coach of the training on Thursdays from 3:00 PM.

Spinning® is a training program put together following the movement pattern of road cycling. Participants ride specifically designed indoor exercise bikes together with enthousiastic people while motivational music is played, giving the beat for the training. The playlist is quite diverse, being in line with specific targets and techniques. It is an excellent opportunity to improve endurance of people from all age groups and levels.

Join our team if you would like to get rid of the stress of everyday life, you wish to loose weight or if you are in a foundation training period as a professional athlete. Kata Szabó will be there to help you on Mondays from 6:30 PM and Attila Székely on Fridays from 6:30 PM.

Most likely, the acronym TRX sounds familiar to everyone. It means a tool and a form of training at the same time. The tool is a special strap that should be suspended to a fix point in order to use it. The acronym TRX, or in other words Totalbody Resistance Exercise stands for a form of training that is performed with the whole body against resistance. Resistance is provided by our own weight leaning on one or more limbs whereas one or more other limbs are held by the

point of suspension. The intensity of the exercises depends on the angle between the body and the ground and on stability (the number of limbs stabilized on the ground) therefore this form of training can be recommended to beginners and advanced participants as well. It is a very efficient tool for those who wish to increase muscle strength. It also plays an important role in shaping the body given that doing hard work with muscles will put the body in a better shape, and muscle growth will become more visible. On Tuesdays from 18.00, on Thursdays from 18.30, Péter Csomor welcomes those interested in TRX training

Body shaping light
A form of training for beginners, returners, active seniors and all those who are looking for exercises with moderate intensity. The training is focused on the healthy functioning of the musculoskeletal system and on the development of the circulation system. Freedom of movement of the joints, sense of balance as well as the stamina and flexibility of muscles are developed with diverse types of exercises and tools. Come, and exercise together with Judit Agócs every Monday from 5:30 PM.

Children’s aerobics

Movement is essential for children. It affects their whole life, their growth, it cannot be replaced or replaced by anything else during their physical and mental development. So it is clear that children should exercise whenever possible, our main goal is to let’s make them love movement. Children’s aerobics through learned choreographies develops children’s coordination ability and sense of rhythm, which contributes to their movements become more harmonious. Improves their endurance, speed, their sense of balance and helps to develop correct posture. Training sessions are open at any time can be connected.

If the child wants, we also have the opportunity to perform and compete to assure. The young, energetic, professionally prepared coach, Nóra Szentkuti, awaits the children on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:20 p.m.