Medicinal services


A Mofetta is a dry, CO2 (CARBON-DIOXIDE) bath.

It is scientifically proven that people can breathe through their skin as well. A large quantity of CO2 gas diffuses (is absorbed) into the skin and its blood vessels through the skin of a person treated in a mofetta.

Due to the large amount of CO2 hence absorbed into the bloodstream:

  • the O2 transfer capacity of the hemoglobin in the blood is significantly increased,
  • the capillaries and membranes of blood vessel open up more,
  • the blood vessels are dilated.

Due to its altered structure, hemoglobin can take up and transfer significantly higher amounts of oxygen. In the expanded blood vessels, blood can flow more freely, supplying cells with substantial quantities of oxygen, much quicker than normal. At the end of the treatment drinking 1 glass of ElevenVíz water can contribute to faster blood formation. The energized water that is cleared of impurities and has ordered molecular structure is absorbed faster than any other liquids, and it can increase the volume and quantity of blood as it enters the bloodstream, hence contributing to the healing effect of mofettas based on the “more blood, more oxygen transfer” principle.

If treatments are made on consecutive days (with a maximum of 1 to 3 days intervals), the effect of the treatments can be perpetuated for a period of 3-6-8 months.


Mofetta treatments can be recommended in the following cases:

  • The treatment is widely used for athletes. It can significantly improve regeneration, healing from injuries, it can improve overall performance and it can contribute to faster development with the same amount of training. The treatment can also be beneficial in recreational sports, e.g. to prevent muscle soreness or to decrease its duration…
  • in everyday life before intense periods (e.g. exam period)
  • in case of symptoms indicating the development of atherosclerosis (e.g. deteriorating eyesight, weakening immune system, fatigue, night cramps in the sole and in the calves, decreasing walk distance)
  • migraine headaches
  • sleeping disorders
  • joint aches and pain
  • diabetes
  • depression
  • erectile dysfunctions
  • reproductive problems…


Why is it useful to have a mofetta treatment?
Atherosclerosis and blood circulation disorders can cause very serious health conditions (heart attacks, forced limb amputations, cerebral thrombosis). There are more people dying because of diseases caused by atherosclerosis than in cancer. Moreover, the treatment can improve the quality of life in case of milder symptoms of atherosclerosis (e.g. pain relief or elimination).


What is the treatment process in a mobile mofetta?
The person being treated should sit into the open-topped, basin-like treatment machine equipped with safety sensors, safety belt in loose clothes without wearing shoes. Treatment durations can be selected between 20, 30 or 40 minutes. During the treatment, the interior of the equipment is filled with CO2 gas up to the chest height of the person being treated. The treatment is completely painless, and the person being treated can feel a pleasant, gentle warming of the limbs. The treatment is supervised during the whole duration by a health care professional in person.


Exclusion factors:

  • pacemaker
  • untreated hypertonia or extreme hypotonia (e.g. under 100/60),
  • during pregnancy or menstruation periods,
  • in case of bleeding, open wounds


Please consult a doctor in case of the following diseases:

  • diagnosis of cancerous tumors
  • inflammatory diseases of the veins,
  • thrombosis
  • pulmonary embolism
  • cerebral thrombosis


The treatment is painless, and its benefits can be felt within 6 to 8 months!
We also offer special passes for the retired.

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