Tanning under the Sun or in a tanning bed can both be beneficial, not only to have a nice tanned skin colour which make us look slimmer and accentuating our muscles, but also to satisfy vitamin D demands of our body. If we learn how to do that properly, not only we will be more beautiful and fashionable, but we can also preserve the health of our body and our skin on the long run.


To make sure that this happens, the following aspects need to be kept in mind:

  • If you use the tanning bed for the first time, stay in only about 3 to 6 minutes, then as your skin gets more tanned, gradually increase the duration of tanning by small increments.
  • Use the tanning cream adapted to your skin, and select the time spent in the tanning bed also based on that.
  • Keep your eyes closed or wear protective glasses during tanning.
  • Pigmented birthmarks raising above the skin surface should be protected from mechanical injuries and during tanning as well, therefore you should apply high factor sunscreen on such birthmarks.
  • Keep at least 48-hour intervals between two uses of the tanning bed.
  • Tanning under the Sun and in a tanning bed can both make your skin dry, therefore proper hydration is really important. Always apply proper tanning lotion before using the tanning bed, and drink a glass of purified water afterwards.


We have two different tanning devices available for our guests so that they can find the one that is most suitable to their needs. One is advised for those who prefer laying down comfortably whilst tanning. In the 45-tube lay-down Soltron tanning bed, gentle tanning is provided by Collagen Beauty tubes whereas deeper colours are ensured by Total Bronzer tubes. The other 42-tube Tecnosole standing tanning machine is recommended for those who would like to get a quick tan on busy weekdays.