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Sonotherapy is a personalized, completely painless therapeutical treatment using low frequency, low energy sound waves to reduce the symptoms caused by atherosclerosis. Sonotherapy is a patented process and treatment device created by the inventor Lajos Nagy (engineer and naturopath). The equipment used in Eleven Ház is the same as the model used in the Budapest Sonotherapy Centre. The model: The latest version of the Sonomat therapeutic product range: Sonomat 4000.


What is the process of a Sonotherapy treatment?
The person being treated should lay down on the treatment bed in loose clothes without wearing shoes.

In order to make sure that the computer used produces the optimal sonic image for treatment (volume and sound frequency in quadrature format), adapted to the actual condition of the person being treated, an ECG contact is placed on the limbs of the person. After a couple of minutes the computer will calculate the optimal, personalized sonic image based on the measured heart functioning data and transfers it to the Sonomat 4000 device. Sonomat 4000 provides the treatment through the soles of the person being treated by transmitting a pulsing sound effect. The treatment takes 10 to 12 minutes in total. During the therapy, the person being treated can feel a pleasant, gentle warming of the limbs.


What is the mechanism of Sonotherapy?
In brief, Sonotherapy is an ancient method using modern technology. In Tibet sound bowls are used for healing since ancient times to the present day. “In fact, this gave me the idea, and this is how two decades ago the invention of our time was born, based on healing sound vibrations.” – says Lajos Nagy who pursued his studies and research at Hilversum College of Natural Sciences in the Netherlands before creating the Sonomat product range. Sound waves and sound vibrations have an effect on various functions of the organism, and they can produce positive changes in the cell structure. Fundamentally, the device was designed to be used for treating calcified, clogged and narrowed blood vessels. Special vibrations of infra- and audible sound waves play a role in healing.

Thanks to the sound waves being synchronized with heart frequency, a process opposite to vascular contraction is triggered. Vibrations act on a cellular level, triggering self-healing processes in the body.


In what cases Sonotherapy treatments are recommended?

  • in case of symptoms indicating the development of atherosclerosis e.g. deteriorating eyesight, night cramps in the sole and in the calves, decreasing walk distance, migraine headaches, sleeping disorders, diabetes and hypertension,
  • for dizziness,
  • for whistling ears,
  • for forgetfulness,
  • to treat the symptoms of chest pains as well.


Atherosclerosis and blood circulation disorders can cause very serious health conditions (heart attacks, forced limb amputations, cerebral thrombosis). There are more people dying because of diseases caused by atherosclerosis than in cancer.


Moreover, the treatment can improve the quality of life in case of milder symptoms of atherosclerosis (e.g. pain relief).

Exclusion factors:

  • diagnosis of cancerous tumors,
  • inflammatory diseases of the veins, thrombosis,
  • pulmonary embolism,
  • pacemaker,
  • cerebral thrombosis.


How many sessions need to be made in a treatment program?
The therapy made with Sonomat 4000 can take up 30 to 60 sessions depending on the severity of the atherosclerosis of the person being treated. A series of 10 treatment sessions is only advised if it is combined with Magneter radiofrequency or mofetta treatment.


Sonotherapy treatment benefits:

  • No complications or irreversible effects have been found based on 20 years of experience and the data of medical studies.
  • Walk distance can be increased without having pain or cramps, or it can become completely normal again.
  • The treatment can be combined with all other conventional treatment methods.
  • It acts on the whole body.
  • Chest pain can be completely eliminated or it will occur less frequently, resilience will improve.
  • Dizziness and whistling will be reduced or it can be completely eliminated.
  • Concentration and memory will improve.
  • The well-being, drive and general condition will improve.
  • 85% of patients respond effectively to the series of treatments.


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Reservations can be made by our guests at the reception of Eleven Ház (+3657/430-551).

Magneter therapy
Magneter therapy is a bioresonance based, radio frequency treatment that can help to reduce the symptoms of various disease groups. Magneter products have been developed by Mangeter FX Kft., the owner of the patent. Its devices are used in numerous Hungarian and international medical institutions. In Eleven Ház a Magneter Professional 01 device is used.


What is the process of a Magneter therapy treatment?
The person being treated should drink at least 3 to 4 dl of clear water before starting the treatment. The person should lay down on the treatment bed, on the treatment mattress in loose clothes without wearing shoes. The treatment starts after selecting and starting the CD adapted to the disease group of the person being treated. Treatment durations can vary between 20-30-44 minutes. During the treatment, the person being treated can feel a pleasant, gentle tingling sensation of the limbs.


What is the mechanism of Magneter therapy?
In Magneter therapy, the device transforms the vibrations of the human tissue type to be treated into quadrature signals, mostly into radiofrequency, and to a lesser extent into magnetic resonance. The aim is to restore a lost balance and to activate self-healing systems of body. Due to stress, our body can lose its balance. As a consequence, reactions are triggered in the automatic nervous system and in the endocrine system, the mucous membranes become inflamed and after a certain time they will not be capable to adapt any more and diseases will be developed. Headache, hormonal or eventually menstruation problems, inflammations in the body, allergy, arthritic pains, diabetes, enervation or fatigue. These can be all signs of a disturbed balance. By a treatment with the healthy vibration ranges of resonance and the vitalization of the body, regenerating processes can be triggered in the organism. This way, the balance of the body can be restored in order to be able to operate its self-healing systems.


In what cases Magneter therapy treatments are recommended?

In case of all disease groups for which the manufacturer of Magneter has already bought the vibration patterns of the treatment and made them available on a CD.

  • rheumatism
  • obesity, fat burning
  • herniated discs
  • depression
  • arteriosclerosis
  • skin- and metabolic disorders
  • lumbago
  • sleeping disorders
  • diabetes
  • immune system
  • joint aches and pain
  • pollen and ragweed allergy
  • hypertonia
  • migraine headaches
  • balance problems
  • detoxification
  • cosmetic treatments
  • candida, parasites, parasitic infections
  • hip joint arthrosis
  • intestine and digestive problem
  • prostate deformations
  • abnormal thyroid functioning
  • allergy

Due to its wide range of applicability it can be a useful addition to conventional medicine.


Exclusion factors:

  • diagnosis of cancerous tumors
  • inflammatory diseases of the veins, thrombosis
  • pulmonary embolism
  • pacemaker
  • cerebral thrombosis


When is it recommended to have a treatment of 10 sessions?
Based on experience, the best results can be achieved in improving general well-being when patients have their 10-session treatment regularly (max. 1 or 2 days/week). It can be combined with Mofetta, Sonotherapy or other treatments as well.


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Reservations can be made by our guests at the reception of Eleven Ház (+3657/430-551).