Discover the attractions around Jászárokszállás that we have collected for you.




Thermal bath and open-air pools

Thermal bath and open-air pools of Jászárokszállás is open to visitors in the summer season. There are 3 open-air pools at the facility: next to the recently renovated thermal pool, a waveless swimming pool has also been built, then in 2017, a children’s pool was added to the range. The thermal pool is supplied by a 702 meters deep thermal well with 52 °C (126 °F) warm thermal water. The water has beneficial effects on several musculoskeletal diseases.


Bike park
The bike park was opened in 2022 and it can be used free of charge, providing an excellent opportunity for beginners and advanced bikers to practice.


The first petting zoo of the town was opened in 2017, attracting visitors with all kind of programs.




Jász Museum

The first petting zoo of the town was opened in 2017, attracting visitors with all kind of programs.


Jászberény Zoo and Botanic Garden
Jászberény Zoo and Botanic Garden is open to visitors since 1979. In the past few years, several development projects have been implemented at the zoo with a surface area of nearly 4.5 acres. In the framework of these projects, new, modern exhibit areas have been built that are adapted to the needs of the animals, making them not only spacious, but also including numerous elements evoking the natural habitat of the species. One of the most popular and unique programs of the Jászberény Zoo and Botanic Garden is the penguin walk which allows visitors to walk around the zoo in the company of penguins.




Mátra Museum
Mátra Museum operated in the former Orczy Castle is open to visitors with hunting history, local history, mineralogy and paleontology permanent exhibitions. As a special relic of the collection, the only full and intact mammoth skeleton that has been found in Hungary is also presented at the museum.


Gyöngyösi Zoo
Gyöngyös Zoo which is only a couple of minutes drive from the centre of Gyöngyös, near the Gyöngyösoroszi junction is 2 acres large, and it is home to more than 150 species. In addition to admiring the animals, children can also have fun in a bouncy castle, by riding ponies or by using the play park.


The treasury of the Saint Bartholomew’s Church and viewpoint in the steeple
The second largest church treasure collection of the country can be found in Gyöngyös, at the Szent Korona Ház (“Sacred Crown House”). The treasury includes amongst other goldsmith works of high artistic value, calices, crucifixes, reliquaries, monstrances, books and pictures.
In 2018-2019, the spire of the Saint Bartholomew’s Church was renovated, and in parallel to that, a sightseeing elevator and a viewpoint have been installed in the Southern steeple that can be used to admire the interior of the steeple as well as the town and the range of Mátra hills through the shuttered windows.


The 26 wine cellars of Farkasmály wine cellar lane near Gyöngyös, provide wine tasting experiences to visitors, with grill terraces in the summer. At the traversable system of cellars at the foot of Sár hill, which are connected by corridors, visitors can taste all succulent wines of the Mátra wine region.


Mátra hills
At the Mátra hills, visitors can admire countless attractions of natural and built heritage. Picturesque woodlands, crags with breathtaking panorama, romantic canyons and excellent mountain air are the perfect ingredients both for a light walk as well as for challenging hikes.


Sástó watchtower
Sástó is home to the watchtower with one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Mátra hills that has been transformed into a watchtower from an inoperable oil rig. The tower is 50 meters high, and 258 stairs lead to the fourth floor of the structure.


Oxygen Adrenalin Park
Oxygen Adrenalin Park is located at the Southern slope of Mátra hills between Mátrafüred and Mátraháza. The park is available to visitors with more than 30 playful and recreational installations, a snack-bar and a restaurant.


One of the main landmarks of the peak of Kékestető is the 180 meter high TV tower that can be seen from far away, providing a wonderful 360° panorama as well.
As the highest point of the country, Kékestető is a favourite destination for skiers in winter with its 1.8 kilometer long ski slope, being the longest in Hungary. The Southern ski slope is more gentle making it perfectly suitable for beginners and families as well. The 590 meter long Northern ski slope is one of the most difficult ones in the country, requiring good skiing skills.




Grassalkovich Castle
The building of Grassalkovich Castle in Hatvan is home to scientific, hunting, fishing and cultural history permanent exhibitions at 3 floors with interactive multimedia. The hunting exhibition guides visitors through the habitats and various animal species of the Carpathian Basin with countless stuffed animals. There are numerous interactive and playful features to hold the attention of younger generations as well. The ground floor section presents mainly the flora and fauna whereas the craft of hunting is presented to visitors at the top floor.




Thermal bath and camping
The thermal bath of Jászszentandrás provides an excellent opportunity for relaxation for those who wish to indulge themselves in water. The bath has four modern pools and water slides. The elderly mostly enjoy the thermal pool equipped with special features whereas the swimming pool with cooler water and the pool with slides are more popular amongst families and the younger public. Children can have fun in the children’s pool with mini slides and at the playground.




Local history, folklore and school history collection
The local history collection is divided into three sections. The school history exhibition presents unofficial schools and the school system of the boonies at the turn of the century. The archeology exhibition puts on display relics of ancient cultures. At the folklore exhibition, the tools needed to take care of the family and to manage the farm can be seen, together with pieces of clothing of rural and urban society.